Blackcurrant health benefits – Control of inflammation (asthma)


In 2010 Plant & Food Research Ltd scientists published a preliminary study that showed that natural phytochemicals from blackcurrants may reduce inflammation associated with some types of asthma1. Researchers found a compound from a New Zealand blackcurrant that may reduce lung inflammation through a multi-action process. Cells from lung tissue were used to test the effects of a phytochemical rich blackcurrant extract on the immune system. The scientists found that certain compounds in the fruit enhance the natural defence mechanisms in lung tissue by both reducing the inflammation-causing reactions and minimising inflammation. A recent (2013) review of the potential benefits of plant-derived foods (including blackcurrant) for controlling lung inflammation has also been published by the scientists at Plant & Food Research Ltd.2.

1. Hurst SM, McGhie TK, Cooney J, Jensen D, Hurst RD. 2010. Blackcurrant proanthocyanidins augment IFN -induced inhibition of Th2-stimulated CCL26 secretion in alveolar epithelial (A549) cells. J. Mol. Nutr Food Res. 54: 1-12.
2. Nyanhanda T, Gould EM, Hurst RD. 2013. Plant-derived foods for the attenuation of allergic airway inflammation. Curr Pharm Des. May 17, 2013.