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9th, August, 2019

NZ Blackcurrant May be the Key to Exercising Better

A quick overview of the benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants to help people achieve their exercise goals.


5th, July, 2019

Evidence Builds that NZ Blackcurrants Assist Blood Flow and Reduce Blood Pressure

JUNE 2019: A new study has found that New Zealand Blackcurrant extract can boost exercise-induced cardiovascular function and lower blood pressure during …


13th, March, 2019

Blackcurrants and Brain Health – World First Discovery at Auckland Uni

A new scientific
discovery by the University of Auckland has found New Zealand blackcurrants
have high levels of a key brain nutrient

The World …


11th, March, 2019

Research Shows Our Purple Berry Potency is Outstripping other Berries

New Zealand blackcurrants punching above their weight.

Why is our purple berry is out-performing other berries, in terms of potency, according to a …


4th, February, 2019

New Study Reveals New Zealand Blackcurrants Benefit Walkers As Well As Athletes

JANUARY 2019: In a positive finding for regular walkers, the University of Chichester has found that during a moderate walking test for …


7th, November, 2018

New Zealand blackcurrants are Activating Better Lifestyles

Supporting what mothers in New Zealand have known for a long time, new research is adding more depth to the READ MORE

11th, April, 2011

Blackcurrant health benefits – Control of inflammation (asthma)

In 2010 Plant & Food Research Ltd scientists published a preliminary study that showed that natural phytochemicals from blackcurrants may reduce inflammation …


2nd, November, 2010

Blackcurrant health benefits – exercise/sports recovery and immunity

In 2009 Plant & Food Research Ltd scientists discovered and published that an extract from New Zealand blackcurrants that could help protect …