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    Blackcurrants NZ Incorporated (BCNZ)

    Jacki McKay (BCNZ Administrator) Email: [email protected]

    Management and Executive Committee



    Brief Bio

    Hamish McFarlane CHAIRPERSON

    Grower Trustee

    • A second generation commercial grower in Temuka, South Canterbury.
    • A family history of growing blackcurrants since 1980.
    • 110 Ha planted in blackcurrants, as part of a wider mixed cropping/horticulture farming operation.
    • A BCNZ Executive Committee member since 2015.
    Stuart Stephens Grower Trustee
    • A second generation commercial grower in Leeston, Mid Canterbury with 16 years farming experience.
    • 84 Ha planted in blackcurrants.
    • Oversees the BlackHort breeding plots in Canterbury, which are located at Waipuna farm.
    • One of the three BCNZ BlackHort breeding committee representatives, and Chair of the BlackHort committee.
    • A BCNZ Executive Committee member since 2012.
    Mike Callagher Grower Trustee
    • Manager of NZ Blackcurrant Co-operative
    • Mike has more than 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry; centred in processing, sales and technical roles. He managed the blackcurrant processing operation “Just the Berries” between 2013 and 2017, and has been General Manager of the NZ Blackcurrant Co-operative since 2020. He first joined the BCNZ Executive in 2014, and has been on the Executive or advising to BCNZ since then
    • A BCNZ Executive Committee member since 2014.