Where To Buy

This is a collection of on-line resources and sites of interest regarding NZ blackcurrant growing. If you know of some more useful websites that we do not have listed, or have found a broken link, please let us know at [email protected]

New Zealand blackcurrants are available in supermarkets, health food stores and online as frozen whole fruit, jams, cordials, snack foods, supplements and juices. Make sure to pick pure New Zealand blackcurrants every time to reap the full benefit of this powerful fruit.Some additional details on where to purchase may be found on the relevant brand websites listed below:


Black Currant Juice/Cordial
Whole Frozen Blackcurrant
Dried Powdered Blackcurrant
Blackcurrant Extract
Blackcurrant Seed Oil


Black Currant Juice/Cordial
Dried Powdered Blackcurrant
Blackcurrant Extract


Dried Powdered Blackcurrant


Blackcurrant Extract


Blackcurrant Extract
Dried Powdered Blackcurrant



Licensed Exporters

ExporterExport Blackcurrant Product Range Contact (click on name to send an enquiry) Website
Fresh Produce Group NZ Ltd.
  • Blackcurrant Powder (25% and 35% anthocyanins)
  • Block Frozen
  • 100% Dried Blackcurrant Powder (whole fruit)
  • Individually Quick Frozen
  • Juice Concentrate
  • Pomace
Russell Faulkner www.freshproducegroup.co.nz
Frucor Suntory
  • Juice Concentrate (65 Brix)
  • Pomace (50% MC)
Sonia Cummingshttps://frucorsuntory.com/brands-nz/ribena
Gibb Holdings Ltd
  • Anthocyanin Powder (10%)
  • 100% Dried Blackcurrant Powder (whole fruit)
  • Individually Quick Frozen
  • Juice Concentrate
  • Puree
John Molyneuxwww.sujon.co.nz
Juice Products New Zealand Ltd
  • Juice Concentrate
  • Juice (not from concentrate)
  • Juice Concentrate (organic)
  • Purée
  • Purée (organic)
  • 50/50 IQF Purée
Akira Yabuuchi www.jp-nz.com/
New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Blackcurrant Extract Powder (20% – 35% anthocyanins)
Michael Ironsidewww.nzp.co.nz
NZ Blackcurrant Co-op
  • Blackcurrant Powder
  • Block Frozen
  • Individually Quick Frozen
  • Juice Concentrate
  • Pomace
  • Purée
Mike Kearneywww.nzblackcurrants.com
RD2 International Ltd
  • 100% Dried Blackcurrant Powder (whole fruit)
  • Block Frozen Blackcurrants
  • Individually Quick Frozen
  • Juice Concentrate (65 Brix, frozen and aseptic)
  • Juice (not from concentrate)
  • Purée (with and without seeds)
Damian Honisswww.rd2-international.com
Viberi NZ Ltd
  • Blackcurrant Powder (whole organic fruit)
  • Juice concentrate (organic)
  • Purée (organic)
  • Individually Quick Frozen (organic)
  • Blackcurrant Freeze Dried (whole fruit)
Afsaneh Howeywww.viberi.co.nz

Blackcurrant Processors

Barkers Fruit ProcessorsManufacturer of premium fruit products for food manufacturers, bakeries, restaurants, and household shoppers.www.barkers.co.nz
Cedenco Foods New ZealandBlackcurrant concentratorwww.cedenco.co.nz
Gibb Holdings LtdBerryfruit processor and IQF manufacturerwww.sujon.co.nz
Juice Products New Zealand LtdManufacturer of blackcurrant juice concentrate, NFC and puree products. Also formulated products made from blackcurrants (IQF, Puree or Juice concentrate blends).www.jp-nz.com
New Zealand Pharmaceuticals LimitedSuppliers of blackcurrant based nutraceutical health ingredients and for flavours, colours and cosmeceutical ingredients.www.nzp.co.nz
Oil Seed Extractions LtdProduce and supply blackcurrant seed oil.www.osel.co.nz
Viberi NZ LtdGrowers and processors of organic blackcurrant productswww.viberi.co.nz

NZ Blackcurrant Grower Internet Sites

Alpine Fresh Ltd – Viberihttp://www.viberi.co.nz
Toka Farms – Zeaberryhttp://www.zeaberry.co.nz