NZ Blackcurrants Star in Korean TV Show


New Zealand Blackcurrants take centre stage
in a Korean lifestyle channel’s programme
‘Eat Like Them’, which invescooking-demo-1tigates the health and nutritional benefits, cooking versatility, history and family traditions of our remarkable berries! The presenter, Tae-wook Kim, takes a special interest in the unique and powerful antioxidants of blackcurrants, interviewing New Zealand and Korean families about how their lives have benefited from eating and drinking blackcurrants.

Paul Robinson, chef of The Secret Kitchen and tutor at the Ara Institute of Canterbury, treats us to an amazing array of traditional and modern dishes with a Korean twist that showcases New Zealand blackcurrants.

Watch the full programme, complete with English translation here.
See Paul Robinson in action here.

Two of Paul’s delicious recipes can be found here: