NZ rugby star Jack Goodhue new brand ambassador for New Zealand Blackcurrants in Japan


New Zealand Blackcurrant Ambassador in Japan, Jack Goohue

May 13th, 2019 – The New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative (NZBC) has teamed up with rugby star Jack Goodhue, to educate Japanese consumers about the health benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants. Chairman of NZBC and blackcurrant grower, John Tavendale, says they are thrilled to
secure Goodhue as its brand ambassador in Japan. “Jack has an impressive record as a national and international rugby player but balances this with a healthy down to earth approach to life that resonates well with the Japanese.

Rising rugby star Jack Goodhue credits nutritionists putting him onto NZ blackcurrants
with helping his fitness and recovery

“Because of his farming background and first-hand experience of the benefits of using New Zealand blackcurrants Jack is well positioned to talk to Japanese consumers about our world-class product grown here in New Zealand.”

Goodhue says he was introduced to the benefits of blackcurrants by nutritionists a couple of years ago and they now form a regular part of his
daily diet.

“The new science that’s coming out shows they’re going to help you recover
and they’re going to help you be fitter by circulating oxygen around your

In the build-up to the Rugby World Cup in Japan, and as current world champions, New Zealand is featuring strongly in the promotion of the tournament in Japan.

To capitalize on this, NZBC is ramping up its sales initiative into Japan with a new website and social media presence.

“This is a great time to profile the prowess of a fruit that has been a healthy staple for Kiwis for generations, alongside the prowess of someone like Jack Goodhue, who is a world class rugby player,” Alan Dobson, NZBC Business
Development Consultant says.

Recent scientific evidence demonstrates that consumption of New Zealand
blackcurrants help maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

“In an increasingly busy world, most Japanese people want to keep active,
whether that’s at the office, in the gym, keeping up with the grandchildren, or on the rugby field” Dr Glenn Vile, NZBC’s Research and Technical Consultant says.

“Of particular relevance to the Rugby World Cup is recent research showing
that New Zealand blackcurrants improve sports performance.

“Science continues to confirm that New Zealand blackcurrants are great to
eat every day to keep active and healthy” Dr Vile says.

Find out more about New Zealand blackcurrants (known as cassis in Japan below